YouTube Scam Revealed – The “Fake Gurus” Can’t Hide Once You Know This Trick

You’ll never fall for the fake YouTube subscribers & flashy car scam once you know how to use this free software to spot a YouTube scammer!

The 2 reasons why it is EXTREMELY important for you to avoid these scams? – 1:35

How I met ‘the guy’ who sells scammers their fake subscribers – 2:22

How their scams work – 3:49

What ‘True Wealth’ actually looks like – 4:37

How to use the free tool to see if they are gaming the system – 5:23

What the data looks like when people are buying fake subscribers – 8:37

Some of the scams that have been shut down & what to avoid – 16:04

Over the years there have been dozens of different scams on every platform and right now, YouTube is taking the brute force (Instagram is quite bad, too)…

These scammers come and go (because they burn their reputation) but they all use the same tactics to make themselves look more famous and more successful than they are.

They leverage these falsified statistics to persuade you to pull out your credit card, thinking that “this time it is different”

So you buy their overpriced consulting course or their Facebook course or make money online course…

Or worse, their “how to start an agency” course that costs thousands…

The problem is… These scammers are only good at making it look like they are successful.

They aren’t successful agency owners.

They aren’t successful at teaching students.

They are successful at putting on a facade and hype… Which makes them enough to perpetuate the cycle.

That is, until the government steps in and shuts down their scams… Like the few affiliate marketing scams explained in this video:

There is no need to fall for a make money online scam. The trick is to roll up your sleeves and do the work for 3 years to 5 years delivering value for an audience…

I cover the ‘process’ to creating a super successful business online in this video here:

And if you want the full affiliate marketing course, I’ve published it free, here:

Once you are aware of these fake gurus on YouTube plus you learn about the software tool in this video that shows exactly how to look into their DATA to find out if they are scamming…

You now have a logical, data driven approach to cool your emotions from their HYPE.

Because they use the emotions and fake truths to sell you their drop shipping scams, or ‘how to be a million dollar consultant with no skills” B.S.

But you need to build a thick skin and the ability to walk away before getting scammed for thousands.

Personally I’ve been scammed several times now and the goal of this video is to show you a free software tool that you can use to spot a scammer so you can protect yourself!

And finally, if you’ve ever thought about buying fake YouTube subscribers, DON’T! Learn how to make great videos your audience loves and then understand how to do YouTube SEO as explained here:

When you grow a REAL audience built on truth and honesty, you are laying the foundation for a very successful livestyle business you can rely on for years to come!

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