Winning Products For Dropshipping: Proven Research Methods

Hi, I’m Travis. As a Shopify Partner, I have the privilege of working with hundreds of Shopify stores, including 5 and 6 figures dropshipping stores. Through this, we have gained valuable key insights into what makes a product the next hot seller, and what kind of products to avoid.

Why is it crucial to spend time on careful, methodical product research? The simple answer is if you don’t, and just choose dropshipping products at random or based on what you “feel”, you’re just throwing away money on ads. You would be surprised, dropshipping is not a game of quantity but QUALITY. Lazily uploading tons and tons of products to your store and hoping for sales will NEVER WORK, we can promise you that. Instead, if you have done proper research, all you need is that ONE killer product to generate tons of sales.

As a product research specialist, you will be learning from someone who is actively researching for hot sellers on a daily basis, which means the skills I equip you are fresh, up to date, and practical.I guarantee you, we will employ some unconventioned but powerful methods you will not find anywhere else.

Lastly, the proof is in the pudding. In the course I will be going through quick case studies of products that generated 5 and 6 figures, backed by empirical evidence.

Key skills you’ll pick up:

  • Why investing time and effort in product research is key to sales

  • Fundamental metrics you should utilise to determine product(s)

  • Key indicators that ensure your product is hot selling, trending, and has growth potential

  • Step-by-step methods on how I find products using Aliexpress, Google Search, Competitor Hack, Facebook, and Amazon

Equip yourself with this life changing skill now!

More info at Udemy.com

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