VPs and Directors of Product Management: Finding Excellence

This job of a VP or Director of Product Management, or Head of Product, is incredibly tough and has incredible upside opportunities. In this intense, stressful role, we all need help. This course has been designed to help you find excellence in this role, to help you find success.

We’ll look at four key relationships that we need to manage well – with our executive leadership teams, with our engineering and technical teams, with sales, marketing, and customer support teams, and with our own product management team.

These groups all have different needs from us, and to meet these needs we’ll step through ten key processes. Seven of the processes guide the pace and content of our teams’ product management work, including market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and sales support. An additional three processes are focused on building, guiding, and structuring a product team, and finding the magic of teamwork.

This course includes practice activities, company examples, case studies, step-by-step guidance, and templates. The examples span all the varieties of product management – including software, hardware, and services. All tools, templates, and course materials are available for download.

If you are in this job today, or are a senior product manager looking to move into this role, my goal is to get you the knowledge, approaches, and tools you need to find excellence.

It’s a crazy, tough, rewarding job, and we all need help.

I hope you’ll join us!

More info at Udemy.com

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