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Video Marketing Publisher (a stripped down version of Easy Web Video) is a not-ready-for-prime-time video production system.

My sense is this product launch sets a new “low” and will go down in the books as one of the most poorly designed and executed product launches EVER in the Internet marketing community.

I’m looking at the search results on Google and YouTube for product reviews for a new launch in the Internet marketing world this week and I see glowing review after glowing review for a not so new and not so good product and I want to shout out, just like that little child, “What the heck is everybody talking about, Video Marketing Publisher doesn’t work on mobile!”

And what’s worse is I am an affiliate for this darn product and I endorsed it to my list. I’m afraid I owe them an apology.

Video Marketing Publisher is really not new … it is a stripped down version of a software platform called Easy Web Video that’s been around for few years. It has some problems and worse, And worse than that, I think there is a great deal of confusion attached to the representations about what is included in the offer on the sale page.

CLAIM #1. It Is Easy To Use.

I have no argument with that claim.

It is very easy to use. Video Marketing Publisher has a brilliant interface to the Amazon S3 cloud network and the step-by-step videos are easy to follow. If you are looking for a system you can use easily and it doesn’t matter if your web visitors are using a mobile device, this may work for you.

CLAIM #2. Video Marketing Publisher Will Play On iPads and iPhones.

Here’s what developer Michael Krisa says: “”This video will now play on all iPads and iPhones … This is crucial.”

I agree. Mobile compatibility is crucial.

But … The problem is, you may be able to view an the video on an iPad,
but you cannot see the logos you embed … … or the tags you create … or the email forms you create in your videos.

If everyone is going to watch your video on a desktop, that would be OK, but the world is going mobile.

If you look at the Video Marketing Publisher sales page on your mobile device, you will
see this product is not ready for prime time.

All of the images logos appearing in the desktop version of the video are invisible in a mobile view.

CLAIM #3. “The advantage of having the software on your desktop is that you can compress the video and upload it faster to the Web.” ~ Michael Krisa

I don’t know about this one … These uploads are moving at a snail’s pace. It took 55 minutes for me to upload a 14 minute video today using my laptop and home wireless network. I took the same video and uploaded it directly to my Amazon s3 account using the same computer and the same wireless network a few minutes later and it took about one minute.

I am putting together a new membership site and I contacted support. I will say support responds very quickly to requests. I am told the system works best with very short videos and I am advised to lower the bit rate.

That is not a good option because groups of real estate agents watch my videos on large screens and I want to create high definition, high quality videos and offer a good viewing experience.

What You See On The Video Marketing Publisher Sales Page Is Not Necessarily What You Get

And those videos are about features you do not get with the product unless you upgrade … and I think that’s another $20/month. The upgrade is not even in an upsell in the product sales funnel. There’s a special Webinar in a few days where the developers will
reveal how to unlock all the features you thought were included when you bought this product.

I watched the demos and I heard Todd Gross make a promise in the second demo: “So you can get Video Marketer Social, which includes everything you saw in Demo Number One Above and of course everything from Demo Number Two Right here.
And you can get it all at a fraction of the real world value today.”

That’s just not true.

So I politely contacted support. To their credit, they activated both those features I talked about immediately.

I am using this now: http://checkthisout.me/svp

I’ll do a product review soon. An honest one. You can count on that.

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