Video Editing with Screenflow for Internet Marketers

YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world and, beside Google, the place to rank if you want traffic for your website. Videos also usually rank higher than texts. Therefore anyone who owns a Blog, Website or E-Commerce Shop should think about video marketing – in the end, content is king but video is the emperor!

Done correctly, video marketing is the engine for your website that will give you evergreen free traffic right now and in future and yourself an expert status with your audience.

In the course “Video Editing for Internet Marketers” I will give you an overview why Video Marketing is the future for free traffic. Then I will show you how you can prepare your video material with the easiest funds in a way that your audience will look out for your newest video every time you publish one!

I also show you how to add the video to your website and will show you the secrets about video optimisation for your website and external sites such as YouTube. We will also look at the technical details and make sure that, at the end of the course, you can create effective videos which will give you tons of free traffic!

More info at Udemy.com

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