The top 10 most innovative big data analytics companies in 2019

With data analytics sweeping the enterprise, these are the top vendors organizations should pay attention to this year, according to Analytics Insight Magazine.

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The increase of Internet of things (IoT) devices, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning has brought an influx of data into the enterprise. This data is crucial to businesses, as these organizations can draw key insights from the data to function better in the digital frontier, according to Analytics Insight Magazine.

The magazine’s May issue, released on Thursday, explores the top data analytics providers in 2019. These vendors are vital for organizations that need to process and analyze large amounts of data, according to the report.

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“The listed companies are the most innovative players of the big data industry driving exponential growth in data analytics, boosting performance and efficiency of work ecosystem.” Ashish Sukhadeve, founder & editor-in-chief of Analytics Insight, said in a Thursday press release. “We favour our sincere praise to all the ten companies for constructing a data-driven economy standing on the pillar of profitable innovation.”

Here are the top 10 most innovative big data analytics companies in 2019, according to Analytics Insight Magazine: 

  1. Cryptek Labs
  2. Cangler Analytics
  4. Xiatech Consulting
  5. McObject
  6. OccasionGenius
  7. Oxagile
  8. PiSquare
  9. Record Evolution
  10. Tarmin

For more, check out TechRepublic’s article on the 10 ways data and analytics will impact business.

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