The Secrets to A Profitable Low End Product Suite

You are about to discover the secrets to making money with short easy to write micro reports.
You will learn how to:
Easily create micro reports that sell like hotcakes and then scale them to produce a low-end product suite of profitable products. You will have a step by step blueprint you can use to quickly build a passive stream of income with information products.
Low-ticket short reports can build a customer list, assist in getting your other products and services “out there”, and can entice customers to buy your high-ticket products.

Module 1 – Finding Your Target Audience

How to find the right market. This is vitally important for you to sell oodles of reports. How to unearth the right idea for your report. Find out what people want to buy and then create it!

Module 2 – Creating Your Micro Report

How to write a title that rocks. Your title is absolutely critical to the success of your report. Learn how to start writing quickly and easily. What you need to include in your micro reports. Why your products must deliver on their promise. How to produce a micro report quickly.

Module 3 – Upsells

How to create a free eCover for your micro report. Discovering ideas for upsell. Build your funnel with entry-level programs. How you can turn these same small reports into full length products, membership sites, high ticket products, and premium-priced e-coaching — — without ever writing more than 10-15 pages at a time!

Module 4 – Selling

Where to sell your reports. Traffic generation. Learn about marketing in non internet marketing niches. Autoresponders are a must have to create a continuing income.

Module 5 – Ramp Up Sales By Expanding Your Offerings

Scaling up. How to rinse and repeat – offer multiple, related offers. The importance of backend profit multipliers. Some different backend strategies. And how to create your $1k low-end product suite.

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