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We have created this course for people who want to work in marketing or growth departments for tech companies with mobile apps. The course teaches you all the skills you need to market and grow any type of mobile apps – shopping, games, news, social networking, music and many more types of apps.

This course is the only program that teach you the truth about growth hacking. With over 130 videos and 13 hours of content you will learn that in order to hack mobile growth, you need to learn and practice a broad range of skills beyond acquiring app installs. 

Rather, we explain and teach you that hacking growth is about applying a whole system with user retention at heart, starting with defining success metrics and positioning your app in a clear and precise way that communicates a value proposition to users. 

And to make it easy for your to understand and master the growth system, we have divided the course into the following sections: 

1- Success metrics and measuring app growth, 

2-Setting up mobile analytics tools, mobile attribution and Deep linking (using CleverTap, Branch..)

3- Setting up mobile marketing automation – automated emails, push notifications based on user events inside the app

4-Launch app install campaigns and optimize them based on success metrics – activation, retention and revenue metrics

5- Set up, launch and optimize app install and engagement campaigns on Facebook (including Instagram and Audience Network), and Google Adwords 

6- Acquire users from free and organic marketing channels such as App Store Optimization, PR, Content Marketing, Referral Marketing and Viral Loops

7- Define your user activation metric by creating user segments and analyzing user flows and cohorts

8- Activating more users with better first-time-user experience (FTUE) and by creating integrated campaigns through paid and free marketing channels

9- Learn how to measure user retention with LTV and churn rate, and how to increase user retention with engagement loops and marketing automation

Complete this course and you will have all the skills you need to answer all interview questions and hopefully work in the growth/marketing department of your dear tech company. 

More info at Udemy.com

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