The Internet Marketing Newsletter Review – Plus EXCLUSIVE BONUES

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Review of The Internet Marketing Newsletter (PLR) by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group. This is very high quality PLR from British marketer Nick James. For the past 4 years this monthly magazine has been distributed to Nick’s ‘Inner Circle’ members. It is a 50 page monthly magazine with high production standards and top class editorial content. Now you have the chance to have this as your own monthly magazine to send out to your own members, with of course the option to present yourself as the Editor and to rebrand the content in any way you choose. You can also use the content on your blog or website, or to create a new info product or Ebook from scratch. Watch out as well for a couple of truly excellent Vendor Bonuses from Nick, as well as my own custom bonuses. This is really top quality stuff that everyone would benefit from. Elite Tigers Group rating 5*****/5.

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