Strategic Marketing Management

Marketing as the management process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs for profit, has assume a unique dimension, I will say to the positive direction, in this modern times the way of doing business have change and change drastically. In fact now a can say with no fear of contradiction that monopoly  is almost gone, there is stiff competition in either develop or developing country. The customers choice is many, and the slogan for customer is not just being the king of the business but the owner of the business, failure to take care of the customer has cause a lot of multi billion dollar business to call for bankruptcy the days of deceiving the customer is gone.

There are some things that every customer oriented organization should do in this modern times such as building customer satisfaction, measuring market demand, scanning the market environment, understand the consumer buying behavior and finally business buying behavior. when this is carefully observed it will help the business to know how best they can deal with their customers to ensure that there is mutual benefit between the organization and customers.

There is no way a company can succeed when that company do not have a very good marketing strategy, because the strategy is the plan that the company is going to use to achieved its set objective, and without the strategy there is no way the objective can be achieved. In this modern times the failure of a company to carefully study the market and understand their competitors will spell doom for that organization, you need to carefully monitor the strategies of your competitors and develop the best plans to ensure that your company is always on top of competition. 

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