Startup How-To: 
7 Steps to Creating a Successful Product

Startup How To walks you step-by-step through the hard work that business founders must do to prove out their ideas and launch a successful product.

This is a premier tutorial currently in use by top accelerators and incubators around the world. It is endorsed by Lean Startup creator Eric Ries, and our customers include 500 Startups, Singularity University, and the US Presidential Innovation Fellows. Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur or simply learning how to apply lean principles, this course will set you on a productive path.

This is a HANDS-ON workshop, not just talks — Allow yourself extra time at the end of each step to do the work and move your company forward. A complete set of handouts and worksheets is downloadable as PDF files. 

—If you’re an active entrepreneur, there is no better online resource for getting started and moving forward efficiently.—

The seven workshops in Startup How To cover:

  1. Document your assumptions about your customer
  2. Do GOOD customer development interviews
  3. Figure out the key learnings from customer development
  4. Hone your value proposition based on what you’ve discovered
  5. Use that value proposition to prioritize your product features
  6. Identify which metrics clearly show your product’s success
  7. Root your whole business, and your product in a statement of vision and values.

This isn’t a “how to” curriculum, it’s an active experience, rooted in the principles of Lean Startup. Our promise is that if you give us an hour, we’ll move your company forward.

“Teams using the Luxr curriculum understand Lean Startup at a fundamental level.”—Eric Ries, Author The Lean Startup, and Luxr advisor

“If we’d used this material six months ago, we would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.” —Bill Gross, Idealab

More info at Udemy.com

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