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Quick tips and anecdotes from the creator of “Page-1-Google”
Thinking about starting an online business? I don’t know much but I’ll share with you a few things I have experienced.

So how do you plan to make money online?

Are you thinking about starting an interesting website or blog?

Do you want to sell others products, or your own products?

Ha ha, the choices are sort of endless which is exciting because that’s what the entrepreneurial spirit is about. America (and of course other places and people as well) is about “ideas.” Have you seen “Shark Tank” an average person comes up with an idea and presto! they have a product…but really what do they have? Simply an idea, like blue jeans, Velcro, and what about the signs that you see in a restroom. how to start an online business, starting online business, starting an online businessThe signs that say “please wash your hands” the guy who made that sign had no idea what he was doing, but he patented it or something like that and now he gets money every time a restaurant uses the sign. Hmm, interesting isn’t it? First things first, I believe in you…do you believe in you? I will quote Les Brown (sound motivational speaker) “I don’t know you but I know about you, you have greatness in you.” You, having been made by the Creator have a creative nature inside you and that’s just one part of you. It has been said “everything is created twice, first mentally then physically” a building or pretty car or ship is first an idea in someones head then is sketched and so forth and finally built.

Can we borrow a saying from marine boot camp “k.i.s.s” — keep it simple silly (I exchanged stupid for silly) we have to keep initial plans a little simple at first although there is much that goes into internet marketing. O.k, o.k, I’ll get to it if you want to make money on the internet you may want to sell a product either yours another persons, or you may want to start an online business and provide a service. Whatever it is one thing that is often needed is “traffic” hello? That is something I have not seen written about in other articles. Without getting all strategy crazy we could simply state that a basic approach to executing basic S.E.O skills will reap traffic, what do I mean? So quoting Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz “it seems that S.E.O is quite simple but it is difficult to execute.”

If I had to do things over with I would have taken 3 months or 30 days and simply studied basic seo, keyword research, and how to use WordPress. Like anything someone wants to do there is a learning process. Like if someone wants to do carpentry, or painting, or music, they have to learn a little bit. And why should it be any different with a business? I hope I’m not loosing you, would you like a quick and dirty outline of some of the things we are talking about?

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