SEO 2019: Amazon SEO Guide, How to find Profitable Keywords, Guide to Amazon PPC Strategies and product listing optimization to boost your ranking and sales (Internet marketing strategies Book 1)

Chapter 1
In this chapter, I will show you the biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make when performing their product listing exercises without even knowing. When you know the mistakes, you are placed at a better chance to begin avoiding them.

Chapter 2
In this Chapter I will explain how the A9 works and thinks so that you can know how to trick it for your advantage. The A9 is not a human being it’s a software….why should you allow a software to place you on page 100?

Chapter 3
The center of all SEO is on keyword research. If you get it wrong here then you have really got it wrong. I will show you how to find them and how you can differentiate between profitable and popular keywords. Many Amazon sellers are fighting hard to rank for popular keywords instead of ranking for profitable keywords which has money.

Chapter 4
This is a very interesting Chapter. I will put all ideas you need, dos and don’ts to make sure you give your products on Amazon the highest chance to be on page 1.
Chapter 5
I will show you why your account can be banned. You don’t want to build a powerful account and later have it dropped down by Amazon.

Chapter 6
I will show you how Amazon SEO is different from Google SEO so that you don’t make a mistake of misappropriating SEO strategies. This chapter will make you wiser when outsourcing for SEO because if you are not careful, these so called SEO experts can ‘CHEW’ your money without giving you any tangible results (Sales).

Chapter 7
Amazon marketing services is a sure way to rank high and quickly. This chapter will show you how to make money using the Amazon PPP and not waste money. Few mistakes can cost your when advertising with Amazon that’s why I put up this chapter to give you a winning push as you decide to market your products.

Chapter 8
This chapter is loaded with tools and links which you can use for your keyword research. I hope you know by now that you cannot use only your ‘brain’ to come up with sufficient keyword choice to help you make money. These tools will assist you by making the process of keyword research much easier.

Chapter 9
This chapter will show you 5 factors you need to consider to boost the ranking of your books on Amazon. You will discover what Amazon SEO for kindle publishers really is.

Chapter 10
This is a bonus chapter. I will give you a numbers of Tips and tricks you can use to boost your sales on Amazon.

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