Scrum Product Owner Certification Prep + Mock Exam Questions

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This course will help you prepare for Scrum .org Professional Scrum Product Owner® I (PSPO I ®) exam also known as PSPO 1 ®.

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The price of the PSPO I ® exam is not included in the price of this online course and needs to be paid separately.


== About the Scrum PSPO Certification Exam ==

Scrum . org is a certification and training organization that has a focus on developing professionalism in product delivery. This is also the organization that is publishing the official Scrum Guide. At Scrum . org you take many Scrum certifications at a relatively affordable price.

Scrum is not only geared toward product delivery but can also be extended to several other industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, or higher education.

Scrum is not only for Agile users, but it is also for those non-Agile team members who are considering switching to an Agile Framework.  At the core of Scrum is a small team of people. Scrum takes an approach that permits a team to self-organize and can make quick changes. One of the most relevant certifications for building products is the PSPO certification, which stands for Professional Scrum Product Owner.

If you pass the PSPO I examination, then you will demonstrate that you know how to build up and implement a product vision. You will get a sense of reviewing, testing, and then accepting a product, and you can participate in writing the features of products.

Scrum Product Owners must get input from the stakeholders in the organization. Skills such as facilitation, creative thinking, and innovative questioning are key for this role.

Moreover, before becoming a Professional Scrum Product Owner, you need to get complete knowledge about the Scrum framework. There are multiple ways to get familiar with Scrum by reading the Scrum Guide or why registering in this online course created for existing and potential Product Owners interested in taking the PSPO certification.

To take the PSPO I exam, you don’t need to attend any courses, and all you need to do is to be familiar with the contents of the Scrum Guide but also to additional resources as the EBM Guide (Evidence-Based Management) or the Scrum Glossary.

From the business point of view, one of the most essential roles in any Scrum team is Product Ownership as the Product Owner (PO) is ultimately responsible for the business outcomes and maximizing the values of the Product.

This is a challenging role, so you should keep certain things in mind before becoming a Product Owner (PO). It is not enough to understand the role of the Product Owner as it is described in the Scrum Guide.

You have to get familiar with different empirical methods and need to learn testing products hypothesis and working with the Product Backlog (list of features that the Product has).

The PSPO I certification is relatively similar to another popular certification called PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I ). Even if you have passed the PSM I exam, it does not mean that the PSPO I exam will be the same.

While the focus on the PSM I exam was on the general Scrum rules and the role of the Scrum Master in different situations, the PSPO I exam is more focused on the role of the Product Owner in different circumstances and how the Product Owner can maximize value.

== What to expect in the PSPO I ® exam ==

The Scrum PSPO I exam contains 80 questions that you need to answer in  60 minutes. All questions are in English, and there is no way to change the language to take the PSPO I exam in Spanish, French, or Portuguese.  You could use Google Translate to translate the page, but don’t expect that the quality of the translation will be very good.

The PSPO exam questions are in the form of multiple choices. While most of the questions indicate the number of answers that are expected, in some questions, you need to select multiple answers, without knowing which one is the correct one.

The good part is that there is no expiration date after passing the exam for your PSPO I certificate. 

== Is this PSPO I ® prep course for you? ==

This course is for those who are interested in working within an Agile team especially from the role of the Product Owner.

You might be:

– an aspiring Business Analyst who wants to improve his or her knowledge with more critical thinking skills

– an experienced Project Manager who wants to transition to agile projects

– an existing Product Owner who wants to give their skills recognition

– a Scrum Master who wants to enhance their mastery in Scrum

-an experienced developer who knows the development process inside-out and what to take their career to another level.

== How does this course help me? ==

The course explains the Scrum Guide in an easy to understand way. It also tests your understanding of the Scrum framework with quizzes and assignments.

What you should expect:

– High-quality video lectures (depending on your internet connection speed)

– Downloadable handouts (PDF and other formats)

– Quizzes and assignments

– One on one support anytime you have questions

– Lifetime access to the course content

– Practical examples of how Scrum is applied in organizations

== Frequent questions ==

On which version of the Scrum Guide is this course based?

This course is compliant with the 2017 version of the Scrum Guide (which is the latest version).

Can I earn PMI PDUs (Professional Development Units) by taking this course?

No, by attending this course you will not be able to earn PDUs.

Can I claim PMI PDUs (Professional Development Units) by taking the PSPO 1 exam?

Unfortunately not. PMI PDUs are obtained for attending a course and NOT for passing a PSPO I exam.

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