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Course updated for June 2015

Course Objective: Learn the essential aspects of using SAM Broadcaster.

This course is for those of you who would like to learn and use SAM Broadcaster to automate and run their Internet Radio Stations.


In my more than 35 years of formal teaching experience, I have found that the best approach to teaching was for the teacher to place himself at the desk of and in the role of the student. And, to teach in a manner imaging that he himself is the student.

Some instructors teach over the head of the student. Not all students are the same. Yet, it is the responsibility of the teacher to find a way to reach students who "just don't get it." Indeed, the teacher should sweat over finding a solution to reach that student. If necessary, lose sleep over it. Then when the light bulb in that students head "turns on" then there is the reward!

In this course, I will teach with the Look-Over-My-Shoulder lecture method and DEMONSTRATE every aspect of using SAM Broadcaster.

Here Is a List of Some the Things You Will Learn

  • Learn What SAM Broadcaster Is
  • Learn How To Make Money With Your Internet Radio Station
  • How To Install SAM Broadcaster
  • Hardware I Use With SAM Broadcaster
  • Changing Your SAM Broadcaster Desktops
  • Configuring SAM Broadcaster
  • My Personal SAM Broadcaster Layout
  • Setting Up Your Encoder(s)
  • Adding Album Art
  • How to FTP To Your Web Host Using FileZilla
  • Setting Up The FTP Parameter Within SAM Broadcaster
  • Introducing SAM Broadcaster Categories
  • Introducing The Event Scheduler
  • Using Clockwheels in SAM Broadcaster
  • SAM Broadcaster AUX Decks Explained
  • Using PAL Scripts in SAM Broadcaster
  • SAM Broadcaster Top of the Hour PAL Script Setup
  • Marking A Song For PAL Voice Over Intro
  • How To Play a Voice Over Intro On Songs
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Radio Station
  • Using Twitter With SAM Broadcaster (WordPress)
  • Using Twitter With SAM Broadcaster (Non-WordPress)
  • How To Use Stereo Tool With SAM Broadcaster
  • How To Re-Stream Through SAM Broadcaster
  • How To Get Your Own Station ID?
  • Backing Up SAM Broadcaster
  • How To Setup and Use "AutoDJ"
  • Licensing Your Internet Radio Station
  • My Custom SAM Broadcaster Crossfade and Gap Killer Settings
  • Radio Station Listener Limit Explained
  • How Do I Know What Kind of Music I am Listening To?
  • How To Normalize Volume On MP3 Files?
  • How To Reduce Bitrate on MP3s?
  • How To Rip Audio CDs To MP3

INTERNET RADIO STATIONS ARE "NATURAL" TRAFFIC MAGNETS!!!Imagine having hundreds of visitors you your Internet radio station each day listening to your music or other content such as a talk show or prerecorded event. These visitors/listeners are also potential customers who click on any advertisements appearing on your website! Too, as your radio station naturally grows and gains more listeners, business persons contact you and pay you to place their ads on your website. Even better, to place their commercial in your station playlist rotation or have you announce upcoming events! You get paid in so many ways!!!


That Internet radio stations are natural traffic magnets, Google rewards them with better page rank and search engine placement than traditional websites.

Let Me Help You

So if you have been looking for a COMPLETE structured course that will unravel the mysteries of using SAM Broadcaster and want to MAKE MONEY then this course is for you.

I would like to remind you that my course comes with a 30 days « no questions asked » money back guarantee. You have a full month to give it a spin, and try it out and if, for whatever reasons, you are unsatisfied, just ask for your refund. You take absolutely no risk!

Click the "Take This Course" button now.

Kind regards,

R. Jerome Harris

More info at Udemy.com

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