Remarkable Product Masterclass

This course was developed by Nisandeh Neta, a multimillionaire marketing expert that has worked side by side with world class experts such us Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren. Nisandeh during almost three decades has taught more than 100 thousand coaches, consultants and small business owners how to grow their business by working smarter.

Today, every category of products and services is overcrowded. To make matters worse, most products and services are virtually identical or at least replaceable. Considering this, you can understand the value and selling power of a remarkable product. But what makes a product/service stand out in a way that people want it above all others?

This course teaches you the secrets of developing a product or service that gives customers a WOW experience. You will learn how to exceed expectations with a product or service that is remarkable, desirable and, therefore, highly profitable.

Important: Nisandeh is answering questions almost daily to help you keep growing your business.

Learn how to:

  • Deliver WOW in 12 different ways

  • Measure WOW experiences

  • Brand yourself as WOW

  • Apply 3 strategies to generate million dollar ideas

  • Integrate the 5 essential ingredients that make a remarkable product

  • Leave your competition behind

  • Stop being perceived as a commodity

  • Render price arguments obsolete

Make your product or service the obvious choice!

Because people have far too many choices and too little time, a remarkable product/service is the easy, safe and obvious choice. A remarkable product/service practically sells itself, so you can charge a higher price for it. Therefore, it makes very good business sense to work hard to develop your own remarkable product. This course shows you what steps to take, how to think out of the box and develop a WOW product/service.

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