Rack Up Repeat Sales: Killer Reviews for Financial Planners

Imagine if your business created over six figures of revenue each year without
you having to do much of any work. In Rack Up Repeat Sales, we’re going to
teach you how to lead people who have already bought from you to buy from you
again. This will help your business as you strengthen relationships with your
clients and build anticipation so that they not only buy now, but will continue to
buy again and again and again. Unless you or your clients are allergic to money,
they’ve got to buy again, and they might as well buy through you. You’ll learn to
keep people on point and on track for a successful plan. 

After interviewing hundreds of advisors, we discovered the top seventeen things
advisors worry about in client review meetings. Ask yourself, have you ever had
any of the following concerns?

  • “My clients aren’t happy with the performance.” 
  • My clients want to cancel everything.”
  • “My clients aren’t happy with me.”
  • “I feel helpless in these situations.”
  • “Mostly bad things happen in reviews.”
  • “I can’t get referrals in reviews.”
  • “My clients are crazy in reviews.” 
  • “I failed to deliver on a promise I made in a review.”
  • “I don’t know how to make reviews profitable.”
  • “I don’t even know what to do in reviews.”
  • “I hate following through after reviews.”
  • “Reviews are just difficult.”

We’ll address how to handle each of these concerns and more in this
program. You’ll learn how to build relationships, communicate effectively, and
ask the right questions during your client reviews to keep clients working with
you again and again. 

What You’ll Learn:

Session #1: Create a Client Retention Business Plan

  • Assess your current client retention strategy
  • Create measurable goals for client retention
  • Train them to rely on your team

Session #2: Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Maximize your billboard reach with Twitter
  • Maximize your personal reach with Facebook
  • Maximize your business reach with LinkedIn

Session #3: Offer Community Service Programs Clients Can Get Behind

  • Identify where your values align with the community
  • Find non-profit organizations to partner with
  • Get clients engaged in your partnership with nonprofits

Session #4: Create Client Events for Specific Subsets of Your Clients

  • Select cheap bucket list events
  • Make your bucket list events tangible
  • Invite your clients to bucket list events

Session #5: Maintain Contact through Phone, Email, and Texts

  • Develop a phone, text, and email touch strategy
  • Delivery phone calls with impact
  • Send amazing emails and texts

Session #6: Promote Life-Changing Events to Your Select Clients

  • Get client buy-in for retreats
  • Give impactful short retreats
  • Deliver killer long retreats

More info at Udemy.com

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