Quality & Regulatory: EU Product Legislation & CE Marking

The European Union is one of the wealthiest market in the world… and one of the most regulated!

Selling a product in this market, whether you are a manufacturer bases within or outside the European Union, an importer o a simple reseller/distributor, implies that you takes responsibilities, wether you like it or not.

This course introduce you to the most important concept of the European product legislation.

After a short introduction on the European Union, it will explain the concept of the free movement of products, the main pillar on which the huge European market relies on.

Then the course will go into details, explaining the product legislation framework, starting with its types of legal acts, and explaining two of the most common directives:

– the General Product Safety Directive

– the Directive on Product Liability

Then we will explain when and how the legislation applies, introducing, among others, the concepts of 

– selling techniques and types of products

– making available

– placing on the market

– intended use and misuse

Finally, we will examine in details responsibilities and obligations of the main economic actors:

– Manufacturer (within or outside European Union)

– Authorised Representative

– Importer

– Distributor

– End user (even though not an economic operator strictly speaking)

At the end of the course you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the European Union legislative framework, and you will have  the vocabulary and the autonomy to further deepen your knowledge in a specific field like for instance in the Toys industry, in the Medical Device field, and so on.

Do not lose valuable time and enroll today! 

More info at Udemy.com

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