Quality Management Review Clear & Simple for ISO Standards

What is management review and what it’s purpose?

Why does standards, such as ISO 9001, require management review?

What does the management expect form a management review?

How to determine the content?

How to handle the discussion, disturbance, resistances and arguments?


A management review is one of the best tools for making change for better.

But it’s often missed, by ineffective management review meeting, where no real discussion taking place, and no major changes are made.


Just imagine what impact it can have on your professional perception, if you would manage a short, to the point meeting, where major decisions are taking place.


The course providing all the knowledge for how to hold a professional management review, by answering all the above questions, plus:


·       How to collect data to the meeting and how to deal with inaccurate data.

·       How to do a 5 minutes effective meeting opening?

·       How to deal with complex issues during the meeting, when no time for a deep discussion?

·       How to promote decisions BEFORE the management review?

·       And so much more…


Being one click away from a practical course, that will give you the ability to carry out an effective and pro management review meeting, is the place you want to be.


You are welcome to watch all FREE preview videos – I made sure that you’ll have at least one video for preview, in EVERY single section.

Plus, you have a 30-day money back guarantee, to enable you to confidently enroll.


See you in the course!


More info at Udemy.com

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