Professional Scrum Product Owner Training Course


This professional Professional Scrum Product Owner Training Course will teach you how to become an effective product owner. It is packed with real world examples to help you put what you’ve learnt to practice.


This will train you on:

  • The requirements of being a Product Owner

  • Scrum process

  • Using story points

  • Effective reporting of sprint status and release planning

  • How to work with stakeholders to maximize product value

  • Introduction to scrum: Roles | Artifacts | Events

This course is your sure path to being an effective product owner. Or if you want to work your way into the world of becoming a product owner, then this course is for you! It is the fastest path you can take to boost your Scrum Product Owner skills.

The course is rich in content and the participant is expected to go through the content in the order its laid out and work through the numerous exercises to get the best out of the course.

The will enable each participant/students to work in a scrum environment and main focus on the product requirements to manage the product outcome. This course prepares the participant/students to use the tools that will help you to translate requirements to the development team to achieve the optimum results.

The items below will be covered in the course:

  • Essentials of Scrum

  • Product Owner Role

  • Product Backlog

  • Product Vision

  • Creating User Stories

  • Determining Product Value

  • Effective Reports

  • Release Management


The course also has some templates to help you get started on aspects of your Product Owner learning. You will get templates for:

  • RICE Scoring Template – For determining product value

  • Sprint Burn Down Chart Template

  • Parking Lot Template – To help you and your stakeholders visualize and manage product feature group

You will hence get the ingredients and recipes to make you an effective product owner and take the stress pout of being an effective product owner.

Do not hesitate to contact me via the messaging system for any questions as I am here to help and support the participants all the step of the way


  • Anyone interested in and that has a passion to learn the benefits of Scrum for product management

  • A Scrum Product Owner who wants to improve their skills, increase the value their product, be more motivated, organised and influential

  • Product managers and business analysts professionals associated with design, development and testing

  • Project sponsors and owners

  • IT managers

  • Operation Managers

  • Customers or organisations using scrum for software product development and delivery

More info at Udemy.com

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