Product Strategy: Create winning user-centric products

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In this course, you will learn the most important concepts and tools in product strategy that you can apply to your work or entrepreneurial project right away. From everything I have applied through my years as a product strategy practitioner and coach, I have condensed and designed this course for everyone – whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a product manager ready for your next step, or a product enthusiast eager to understand the product world.

I use real life examples to make concepts come to life. You will finish the course ready to apply these tools immediately.

At the end of this course, you will be able to design a compelling product vision, explain and predict why users choose a product over other alternatives based on in-depth understanding of user jobs to be done. You will be an expert in prioritising your innovation ideas, minimising wasteful activities and focusing your precious time and resources in building the right things.

User empathy is the key to designing great products. But listening to every little detail will likely overwhelm you. You will have a structure to approach user interviews and be able to distinguish what customers really want from everything they say they want. You will be able to turn these insights to quantitative evidence to better articulate your vision and bring your team and investors along your journey.

I look forward to this exciting journey with you!

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