Product Roadmap 101 – For Enterprise Products

Why a course on Product Roadmap so important?

In an era where technological advancements have been rapidly changing customer behaviors, the role of Product Management is becoming crucial to building right products to address right problems embracing right technology and not the least, delivering right outcomes as desired by customers.

Such products are always built through ensuring commonality of product vision, strategy, and objective among stakeholders, maniacal focus on a few things while saying NO to lots of things, realigning investments and investing on right technology. To accomplish them, the role of a product roadmap is inevitable.

The product roadmap is not just a tactical tool. It is a strategic tool. The course will outline how product roadmap can be used an effective tool to put the product on the right trajectory by consistently making rational decisions for accomplishing Organizational goals and objectives aligning with product strategy and within the framework of product vision.

What does the course teach?

The course is the most comprehensive and exhaustive course on Product Roadmap covering a wide range of topics. The course is also accompanied by an eBook – ‘Pragmatic Approach to Building Great Product Roadmap – Translating Product Strategy into Product Roadmap.’ The course also contains templates required for drafting product roadmap.

The course covers a wide variety of topics including

1. Introduction to Product Roadmap

This section outlines why product roadmap is essential, what is a product roadmap, what is not a product roadmap and finally, what is the purpose of a product roadmap. This section will also outline the difference between an internal product roadmap and an external product roadmap.

2. Product Vision, Strategy, and Product Roadmap.

This section outlines why it is essential to building a product roadmap on a foundation of product vision and strategy

3. Product Discovery

This section outlines how to build a product backlog through understanding and discovering customer needs. Why it is essential to both understand and discover customer needs. How to gather needs through a collaboration with various stakeholders such as i) Support Team, ii) Sales Team, iii) Business Development Team, and iv) Engineering Team. We will also introduce to tools to gather appropriate requirements.

4. Product Prioritization Process

It is the most critical section of this course that focuses on how to formulate strategy and objectives. Later, Identifying the right customer value which when delivered by the product can help accomplish product objectives. Identifying product attributes that can tangibly measure the ability of each feature to deliver chosen customer value and prioritizing features that have a higher ability to deliver the right customer value. We will use scorecard methodology to elaborate prioritization process while the section concludes talking about the right prioritization model.

5. Beating Inflection Point

In this section, we will talk about categorizing requirements into i) Tactical, ii) Strategic and iii) Disruptor. What is the purpose behind categorizing requirements and how to categorize requirements? Additionally elaborate, how to conceptualize and validate the right outcomes that have the potential to disrupt the market.

6. Measuring the Efficacy of Product Roadmap

This section focuses on identifying techniques to measure the efficacy of product roadmap, i.e., whether we have prioritized the right features

Register this course to become experts in managing product roadmap and using it as an appropriate communication tool to provide the direction of the product to Sr. Executives. The course offers something for Product Manager with varying experience and expertise levels. For certain complicated topics like ranking features, the course provides detailed articles elaborating the process.

For whom did I design this course

  • Aspiring Product Managers – They learn the entire fundamentals and the art of building products roadmap.

  • Experienced Product Manager – How product roadmap can be used a strategic tool to outline a clear path to run the business, grow the business and transform the business in the short term, near-long term and long term respectively.

  • Product Line Manager – How product roadmap can be used effectively for product or technologies transitions with out impacting revenues.

  • Engineers. – What is the rationale behind prioritizing features, so they can better understand why a Product Manager says ‘NO’ to certain features. Comprehending the roadmap can also help understand the strategic direction of the product.

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