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Creating marketing videos to highlight your business’s vibe, atmosphere, products, is a wonderful way to spread the word about your establishment, and give customers a sneak peek into the unique personality behind your business! Videos can be used to not only promote a product, a new release, or a service, but it can also help you build a personal relationship with your customer so they feel as though they are part of your inner circle. As an added bonus, Facebook organic reach is much higher on Videos than photos or posts! It’s a win win!

Video Marketing isn’t just for selling goods either; it’s a great tool for any business. When selling a product, promoting an event, or offering a service, a video created for Social Media can help you stand apart from the masses and expand your customer base! For example, as a lawyer you can create short videos explaining laws or legal matters your customers, or use the video platform to keep your clients up to date on changes in policy that they might be concerned with. Videos not only keep the door open for communication by making you more personable, they also keep you top of mind, help you discover new clients, and may even help customers to view your business as leaders in your industry.

Another note for everyone on the fence about video: they do not need to be perfect. No one is perfect when they start, and it’s important to remember that over time you will get better. Just get started; it’s better to make a few mistakes along the way than to never start!!

Videos can even be created using your iphone. For social media, just remember to keep the video short and sweet; no more than 1 minute!!

If you need help creating simple video content, let us know! Whether it’s simple and quick iphone videos, or film quality videos shot with a professional digital movie camera, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for a quote!

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