Product Research for Shopify

Welcome to my course on ‘Product Research for Shopify’!

Do you feel overwhelmed from finding which products to test on your Shopify store? Are you getting lost in the maze of several websites looking for some inspiration or any new market trends? Believe me, you’re not alone!

I can admit that it was quite painful and time consuming process even for me and there were times that i would try to avoid it or dwell on it. So, i decided to take action and design a framework and share it with you. In this course you will learn following strategies to find winning Dropshipping products:

1. Social media research (Facebook insights and groups, Google trends etc)

2. Behavior based research (identify pain points, reviews, passion based and reviews)

3. Trends based Research (where to find trending products)

4. Product Research Tools (Free and Paid tools to find your next big winning products)

My name is Omar Khan and I have more than 10 years of experience in helping more than 250 clients to bring their ideas to reality! I hope I help bring your idea to reality by connecting the dots for you.

More info at Udemy.com

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