Product Photography: BTS Lesson from a Pro

Over the duration of this course, I'll take you behind the scenes and walk you through shooting a bottle of Tom Ford cologne flanked by gold leaf flakes for a luxurious ad campaign shot. I'll walk you through the set-up, lighting and styling props all the way through post production to saving out the final image.

This course is about 2 hours long and the shoot uses the following gear

  • Nikon D800 (any DSLR)
  • Macro Lens (preferably tilt-shift)
  • 2 Lights (strobe,speed light or constant lighting)
  • Post-Production Software (preferably Photoshop)

Just so you know, this course will continue to grow in content with more BTS shoots of different products. Each time a new Shoot is posted in this course, the price will go up.

More info at Udemy.com

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