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Product marketing is the process of bringing a product to market, promoting it, and selling it to a customer. Product marketing involves understanding the product’s target audience and using strategic positioning and messaging to boost revenue and demand for the product.

Product marketing is focused on driving demand for and adoption of a product among existing customers. It’s focused on the steps people take to purchase your product so product marketers can build campaigns to support this work.

Product marketing is about understanding a specific product’s audience on a deep level and developing that product’s positioning and messaging to appeal to that audience. It covers the launch and execution side of a product in addition to the marketing strategy for the product — which is why the work of a product marketer lies at the center of a business’s marketing, sales, and product teams.

Product marketing is a critical part of any business’s marketing strategy. Without it, your product won’t achieve its maximum potential among your target audience. Let’s look at what product marketing does so you get a better idea of that I mean by this.

  • Understand your customers better.

  • Target your buyer personas effectively.

  • Learn about your competitors (products and marketing tactics).

  • Ensure the marketing, product, and sales teams are all on the same page.

  • Position the product appropriately in the market.

  • Boost revenue and improve sales.

There are also questions you, as a product marketer, will have to ask yourself and reflect on in regards to your product. Asking yourself these questions will help you ensure your product is a success among customers.

  • Is this product suitable for today’s market?

  • Is this product appropriate for our customers today?

  • How is this product unique from similar products of our competitor’s?

  • Is there a way to further differentiate this product from those of our competitor’s?

  • Are there any products we’ve sold in the past that we wouldn’t market or sell ever again now that we look back? Is so, why not?

As you can see, product marketing requires you to look at your products from a strategic perspective to ensure they’re successful among customers in your current market.

What will you Learn?

  • Product Marketing Fundamentals

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Planning and Budgeting, Conceptualizing Marketing Ideas

  • Sales Cycle Enablement

  • Product Marketing Metrics and tools

  • Internal stakeholder Marketing & Management

  • PMM Lifecycle Management

Top skills you will learn

  • Buyer Persona

  • GTM Strategy and Positioning

  • Lead Generation

  • Demand Generation

Ideal For

Product Managers, Business Managers, Team Leads, Data professionals, Entrepreneurs.

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