Product Marketing: Creating a Marketing Plan

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This course covers the fundamental principles of marketing for product leaders, managers, marketers, business analysts and field marketing. It covers:

  • Foundations
    • What is Marketing
    • Creating Insanely Great Customers
    • Personas
    • Differences in Geography, Demographics,
      Bias, Ways of Doing Business and Cultures
  • Preparation for Planning
    • Target Market(s)
    • Positioning
  • Marketing Plan
    • Value, Messaging and Messages
    • Marketing Strategies, Objectives, Types and Techniques
    • Media, Mix and Plan
    • Packaging and Bundling
    • Marketing Communications
    • Channels
    • Typical Product Marketing Manager Activities
    • Timing, Budget and Schedule/Responsibilities
    • Sustaining/Ongoing Marketing Plan and Metrics

    The course includes a detailed workbook to be used to create a marketing plan.

The course includes two bonus features not found anywhere else:

First, if you make a commitment to finish the course and its exercises by any date of your choosing, I will review your plan and give you feedback. Such an effort will enable you to create your plan and help refine it based upon my experience. I say any date of your choosing to help motivate you to “get it done” but at your own pace.

Second, if you do a good job by clearly demonstrating in your plan that you know how to pull the plan together. Which is, by the way, the purpose of this course, for you to learn not only what should be done but how to do it. I will give you a personal recommendation that you can use to help get a job or for any other purpose like posting on your Linkedin profile.

This is in addition to getting a course completion certificate provided by Udemy to prove you have the skills to get the job done.

More info at Udemy.com

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