Product Management Fundamentals

The ultimate crash course on Product Management fundamentals.

We will be speaking about the product development lifecycle, and how to wrap our heads around all the questions. We will be speaking about roles and responsibilities, and how to carefully choose what we’re wishing for. We will deep dive into frameworks, requirements management, refinement process, backlog, and stakeholder management. But also design thinking, ways of working, and self-management. And towards the end, we’ll also have a taste of the skillset. Just as much as to figure out what it takes to get out there and own that product!

Perhaps you’ve already tried to digest hours and hours of videos. You must have read thousands of words trying to figure out what Product Management is all about. This means that you have already committed to this change. All you need to do now is take that commitment just one step further and you’ll have your breakthrough!

There are a lot of awesome courses out there, each of them focused on various Product Management topics. This, however, is the one course that will introduce you to the world of Product and will hold the door open for you while you get fully acquainted with the terminology, the concepts, and the ways of working. You will understand what it’s all about, you will no longer feel puzzled or overwhelmed, and you will finally find it within your grasp to make the career change that you’ve always been dreaming of.

I’m here to offer you a guided tour of what it means to be a product person! And through the practical exercises that we’re gonna go through, you’ll also have a taste of how it feels like to manage a product, all the way from tactics to strategy.

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