Product Management for Absolute Beginners

To make effective product decisions, the best Product Managers from Tier One tech companies employ a variety of frameworks (lenses if you will) in order to make great decisions. 

These frameworks help Product leaders make sense of and evaluate the vast array of inputs that they receive on a daily basis. 

This course provides and overview of the absolute best frameworks in a clear, concise, and actionable manner so that you can make more efficient and effective decisions. 

  • We will review the master framework to ensure that you’re able to answer the three most important questions any Product leader must answer about their product? 
  • We’ll cover the most import daily, weekly, and sprintly processed that the best Product leaders put in place to deliver great products to the market (and we’ll explain what a sprint is too 🙂 ) 
  • We’ll introduce you to the Hypothesis, Experiments, Tests, and Insights framework to ensure your work is supported by scientific rigor. 
  • You will see that not all web users are created equal and neither are their needs through the User Hierarchy of Needs. 

Note: this course is NOT a deep dive into the specifics of Product Management nor is it even a deep dive into the application of each scenario where you might utilize these frameworks. Think of this course as flying over a range of mountain peaks so you can see the possibilities below rather than a multi-week expedition where you must master the granular details. That being said, with this overview, you will see vantage points that those who are ‘stuck at basecamp’ will never see and thus will be enabled to do things they will never be able to do. 

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