Product Management & Development Processes

Product development is the process of designing, building, operating, and maintaining a good or service. Many organizations uses similar product development principles to ensure that they are not just manufacturing a technology, but creating a product that people will want to buy and continue to use. In this course, you will learn core principles, skills & methodologies that make up the entire Product Management process, from idealization & market research to product management leadership.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Product Development

  2. Product Life Cycle Management

  3. Customer Life Cycle Management

  4. Product Quality Management

  5. Total Quality Management in Product Development

  6. Leadership in Product Development

At the End of the Course, you will Acquire

  1. Core tools and techniques required to develop a well-detailed product road map that is informed by a product vision and strategy.

  2. A cutting-edge and diverse set of product management skills applicable to various business disciplines, such as project management, production management, user experience, and business analytics etc.

  3. The necessary skills to develop go-to-market strategies and measure product performance using key metrics.

Who this course is for:

  1. All Product Managers who want to succeed at their job.

  2. Anyone with desire to move into a Product Management career.

  3. Entrepreneurs who want to learn the process of building a innovative product.

  4. Junior Product Managers who want to learn how to be irreplaceable at their job.

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