Product Management 101

The goal of Product Management 101 is to help you become a more strategic product manager – with a greater impact on your company and its future product portfolio.  

We will cover the spectrum of product management work from market intelligence, strategy, new product development and lifecycle management.  

We will step through best practices for working with development teams to create market-leading, breakthrough productsWe will look at how to best position, price and manage these products in the market as part of our section on lifecycle management (i.e. product marketing).  

This course has been designed for product managers with 0-5 years of experience, who work with engineers (software developers, hardware developers, scientists, etc.) to develop next generation products.  

Product Management 101 can help you meet the fundamental purpose of product management: to manage the full lifecycle of products and services to create exceptional customer value, generate long-term competitive advantage, and deliver year-after-year profitability.  

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