Product Design Fundamentals

If you are setting out on your entrepreneurial journey, or facing challenges in understanding how to align your business to the product, this is the place for you to start. Through this course you will be able to gain clarity in your design process and ensure that the product you are creating is aligned to the business goals.

Using a user-centric approach, we will guide you through a step by step approach and help you ask the right questions to create products that sell. Each phase is conducted with minimal resources so you may be able to sample small and fail quick , instead of spending a lot of time and resources on product development and then finding out that the product is either not usable or not required by your customers.

The entire course has been created and explained using a case study of a ‘Cookie Bites App’.

By the end of the course, if you are able to think differently when creating products then this course has achieved its goal.

More info at Udemy.com

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