Product Design Fundamentals for Inventors and Entrepreneurs

From idea to production, this course will teach you the information and industry knowledge to begin your journey, with no prior experience required. Become familiar with industry terms such as design for manufacturing, computer aided engineering, production validation tests, and many more.

We’ll start with ideation. Learn how to test your idea out before you decide to dedicate time and money. We’ll cover how to gauge demand for your product and evaluate your idea the way it’s done in industry. This section will also teach you how to generate drawings and parts lists that any mechanical engineer will be able to read.

Next, you’ll learn how to create inexpensive prototypes at home— without breaking the bank.

Become familiar with the engineering analysis that any product must go through before it’s brought to market.

I’ll introduce you to new materials, along with things to keep an eye out for when choosing the right one for your product.

We’ll cover the basics and design considerations for two popular manufacturing methods.

Finally, learn how to prepare your design for production and find, negotiate, and engage with a manufacturer. This course will prime you to engage in product design and have intelligent, informed discussions with engineers and manufacturers alike.

If you are always coming up with new ideas, this course is for you!

More info at Udemy.com

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