Product Cost and Pricing Strategy for Product Managers

Ever wondered,
Why do VCs finance the discounting spree of Start-ups?
Why do companies provide hefty discount and lose money?
Why are certain products more expensive than similar counter parts?
Why do seemingly stable and high revenue businesses go bust?
Why are some businesses more successful than the others?

This course will empower you to answer these questions all by yourself.

Estimating Product or Service Cost is a critical aspect that affects the profitability and success of businesses. If costs are underestimated it will lead to losses accrued overtime; whereas, if overestimated it will result in high price making the product undesirable to the audience.

Hence, it is important for managers, freelancers and entrepreneurs to know cost estimation and basics of business finance.

Moreover, product pricing is a critical factor that affects the success of product in market. Although it is subject of marketing, it has significant on the finances of the business.

Hence, managers and entrepreneurs need to understand the concept of pricing and its impact on finances.

And this course is designed to explain the intertwined aspects of business model, product cost and pricing. You will also get hands on practice with the assignments and tools offered across this course.

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