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Welcome to the fast track course on Product Management. Product management is an enticing and challenging role in an organization. Only a few years ago a CBS news article ranked the product manager as fourth most important role in the organization only after CEO, Senior Executive and General Manager.

  • There’s never been more exciting time to pursue a career in Product Management. Venture capital is easily accessible and

    Tech businesses are booming around the world offering new innovative products

  • These innovative products are shaping our daily lives such as how people live and the way people do their work

  • Many startups have successfully demonstrated how to build a sustainable business

  • If you go to product hunt site you will see that hundreds of new products are being launched every day

  • The role of product manager has only continued to grow in importance around the world, across different industries, whether small startups or a large companies

  • This course will take you from a beginner and teach you everything that you require to know to build great products

  • This course takes the advantage of the latest digital presentation tools available, to deliver you the information in the most engaging and fun way possible. When you will enroll in this course you’ll be supported by our skillful, professional and experienced instructor who will be with you on every step of your learning journey

  • Whether you are new to the fascinating world of Product Management or already working in a junior level in the product management discipline

  • This course has been designed to provide you the fundamental knowledge about the core concepts that you need to excel as a product manager


If the following reasons appeal to you than product management domain is right for you.

  • To earn over $100 THOUSAND DOLLARS per year. Product Manager salaries start at $69,000 and can go as high as $140,000 per year with the national US average of $104,000. Product Management jobs will grow at a rate of 12% over the next decade

  • Because it’s a highly fulfilling job and no two days are alike

  • Because you’re naturally passionate about building products

  • Because you have a natural ability for solving problems

  • You want to influence the strategic direction of a product

  • You enjoy working with people from all areas of the business


  • What you need to know to become a product manager

  • What the product management discipline is all about

  • Product management tools

  • Key product management concepts

  • Product management cycle from idea generation to launch

  • How to extend the product life cycle to achieve business goals

  • How product management concepts are being applied in practice among leading companies

  • What is product road mapping

  • What is product metrics and analytics

  • What is product validation

  • What is minimum viable product

  • What are user personas and user journey mapping

  • What are frequently used product management frameworks such as product market fit, product strategy canvas, AARRR metric, AIDA framework, three horizons framework, product vision board, MoSCow method, scrum methodology, RICE prioritization, KANO model, HEART framework, design sprint, customer journey map, lean canvas, double diamond framework, dual – track agile framework

  • Is the product management job right for you

  • How to kick-start your career in product management discipline

  • How to apply insider tips and tricks to get hired as a product manager

  • Craft a resume that appeals to a hiring manager for product management placement

  • Ace the product manager interview

  • Excel beyond getting hired to higher levels in product management realm


For delivering most relevant and valuable learning the instructor uses a practical approach. The key concepts are explained with real life examples of leading companies such as Amazon, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, P&G, HP,Apple, AT&T’s, Gillette, Netflix, Boeing etc. Thus the students can clearly see how the explained concepts are utilized in real life. Also at the end of each video a short quiz is given to provide practical assessment.

  • This is a fast track learning course on Product Management that will help you prepare for your product management journey in only 4 hours’ time

  • Key concepts are explained with attractive and engaging visual demonstrations

  • You’ll see real world examples of Product Management in action & you’ll hear directly from successful Product Managers working in leading global companies

  • This course will brief you about the typical product manager’s career path and highlight the key skills that help product managers stand out and excel

  • This course will go beyond concepts and give you the tips & tricks that you should use to be selected as a successful Product Manager

  • This course has been developed by including inputs of the experts who worked with top tech firms like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung etc

  • This course has practical quizzes , case studies, interview tips, career advice and much more

  • This course is progressive with new enhancements, features and student benefits being added in it at regular intervals

Are you excited, lets dive in and begin this journey together. You can see the course video samples in free uploaded preview videos. There is a money back guarantee on this course too. Please click on take this course and watch your career take off!.

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