Pre-Revenue New Venture and New Product Valuation Part 1

This course provides the financial professional a new approach for addressing the unique challenge of valuing a New Venture or a New Product. Critical topics, such as how to overcome the short comings of the Venture Capital Valuation Method, how Commercialization Risk affects valuation, how the use of Real Options Analysis improves valuations and how to assign Discount Rates in an uncertain environment, will be introduced as a means to develop a risk-based valuation technique.  Using the anticipated cash-flow from a new venture/new product, this systematic valuation method takes into consideration the changing risk profile as commercialization risk is reduced to arrive at a market validated valuation.

By the end of the course, those financial professionals with expertise in Excel will be able to construct the needed detailed financial forecast model and valuation model to perform this technique. Sample spreadsheet templates of these two models will be supplied with Part II of this course. Part II of this course will provide tutorials on how to customize these spreadsheet templates.

More info at Udemy.com

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