Online Reputation Management & Positive Brand Promotion

Your company’s online reputation can either help you find and keep customers or hurt you by turning people away in an instant. Google is powerful, and you can’t ignore the things (good or bad) that are being said about your brand on the internet. Negative reviews can be nasty, untruthful, and in some cases entirely FAKE! Whether reviews are accurate or not, they still affect your company’s brand in a powerful way.

The good news is that you DO have control over your business website, the majority of your social media accounts, and how you respond to online reviews and public comments. This course will give you the simple strategies you need to create a more positive online reputation for your brand, and to better protect your brand in the future.

You’ll see real-life examples from companies I have worked with to give you visual ideas of what is currently effective on the major social media platforms. What sets this course apart from others is that we don’t just focus on online reviews—because that’s like playing “defense” all the time. We spend a good portion of the class discussing how to actively create strategic social media posts that will build customer loyalty, beef up your online reputation, and ultimately improve your entire brand.

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