OKR Goal Setting 101 – Achieve more goals than ever! Faster!

“The course is more in-depth than John Dooer’s book, ‘Measure What Matters.’ It has checklists and lays out plans of action, steps to follow.”

The comprehensive 38-page workbook will be your guide throughout the course and your reference in your daily practice.


Take the shortcut from 0 to OKR-Hero with this bestselling OKR course – you will set OKRs in the most effective way, lead yourself and your team based on real-world best practices, and have fun along the way.

What you should know: Our OKR-Experts answer your individual OKR-related questions!

What attendees say about the #1 most popular OKR course on Udemy: 

  • “This course is very helpful and knowledgable. I literally found all what I was looking for there and even more ? It is really AWESOME to learn from the experts. I like the examples and how the course tackle everything related to OKR such as performance management and SCRUM. Thank you and well done.”

  • “The course and tips were helpful to set your goals you wanted to achieve or make a difference, it changes your mindset to improve yourself and other people around you.”

  • “Claridad y enfoque. Con ejemplos prácticos en un mundo real. Presentación amena que facilita la comprensión.”

  • “After reading 3 OKR’s books I can tell this is a very clear, concise and direct introduction to OKRs”

  • “Muy bien abordado!!! super concreto con ejemplos muy claros.”


*** 20.000+ attendees ***

More than 20.000 attendees so far, the OKR Goal Setting 101 course is a compulsory course in many small, medium, and large organisations worldwide. Benefit from the #1 OKR course worldwide focusing on practical tips you can implement immediately.

After visiting this course you confidently define and thrive using OKRs and benefit from the best goal-setting process for individuals, teams, and large organizations.

If you use our

  • step-by-step guide,

  • deepen your knowledge with our real-world examples,

  • and use the downloadable documents as templates for your business, you will be the OKR pro in your organisation. Even if you have no goal setting- or OKR-experience so far.

This course is perfect for leaders, team members, and individuals.

In this online course you are going to learn:

  1. What are OKRs and WHY they help you to really achieve your goals

  2. What are the best practices of OKRs and how are OKRs used in different industries

  3. How can I set goals with OKR in my business life /  job 

  4. How can I lead my team, how can I lead my company with OKRs

  5. How to use OKR for goal setting on a company level as an executive

  6. How do I align department, team and individual OKR with company OKR (your path for consistent and aligned goal setting through the company)

  7. How can I use OKR s to set long term / annual and BIG goals

  8. Many practical examples for different environments: for yourself, for a small team or for a global corporate

  9. Which are the 10 biggest mistakes people make when defining goals and how can I avoid them

  10. How do I make sure to actually do the work and take the steps necessary to achieve my goals – instead of defining them and waiting for a miracle to happen (or “the right time to come”)

This course is facilitated by Axel Rittershaus, Executive Coach, who supports individuals, teams, and organizations around the globe to write strong goals and benefit from the value of OKRs.

It is designed for people at all levels, from individual team members to managers, who achieve their targets (and more) by writing strong goals for themselves and cascade goals within their organization.

If you are new to OKRs:

Forget everything you heard about goal setting. Ditch SMART. 

Go for the champion and set your goals using OKR at our OKR bootcamp.

In this bestselling OKR 101 course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to set goals with OKRs, incorporate them into your life, and improve your future in both business and life.

Goal setting is great, but that’s only the first step. Achieving a goal is much harder and takes much longer. 

Most goal setting techniques fail completely when it comes to helping you achieve your goals.

OKRs is most likely the number one ‘goal-setting-and-achieving-method’ the world is talking about. Google used Objectives and Key Results (OKR) almost from day one (they started with OKR in 1999 and still use it, helping them grow their employee base from 60 to more than 80,000 in 17 years) and they still use it – from the intern to the CEO.

No matter if you work on your own, in a small team, or  a corporate environment:

OKRs are your way to more productivity and better results – no matter your business!

With OKRs you’re going to achieve goals you always struggled with or never dared to approach.

In this course you’ll get

  • Videos

  • Examples for personal and business OKR

  • Checklists

  • Working materials

  • Templates for your own goal setting

to use OKRs effectively.

After completing this course

  • You’ll know exactly what OKRs are, how they work and how you will benefit from them

  • You’ll define your professional and private goal based on the OKR principle

  • You’ll implement the simple but highly effective steps to take action to realize your goals

  • And, if you’re a leader, you’ll know exactly how to use OKRs as a leadership tool

The earlier you define your OKR, the sooner you will achieve your goals.

The Q&A board will assist you on your path from beginner to OKR master!

I am working with highly successful executives, corporates, and individuals in 30 countries as a leadership coach and advisor.

The most successful of them use OKR.

Let’s get started and make you more successful and happy by setting and achieving your goals with OKR.

More info at Udemy.com

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