New Product Development (NPD) -How the big brands do it

We see new products hitting retailer shelves all the time. They attempt to solve a new consumer need, or solve an existing need in a “newer” way. However, the harsh reality is that more than 95% of all new consumer products that are launched FAIL. In fact, most of these are discontinued by their brands before the end of 2 years from launch, after accumulating huge losses for their parent company

New products developed without doing the due diligence from both (1) consumer and (2) business perspectives are well on their way to the ‘failed-launches graveyard’, taking reputations of many marketers along with them

In this course you will learn the most contemporary new process development system used by successful brands. It gives a unique consumer and business understanding, that professional brand managers have developed with reference to new products

This course adds the practicality of business and market perspectives to the theoretical knowledge of marketing text books

More info at Udemy.com

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