Misuse of Product Reviews – Marketing Minute by John

Misuse of Product Reviews

Hi this is John with the marketing minute.
More and more today the consumers rely on product reviews in order to make good educated decisions regarding purchases of products and services. But there is a growing problem with fake or paid reviews. It’s too easy and too tempting to produce fake reviews.

Despite the FTC’s new regulations regarding full disclosure of any paid endorsements, reviews or testimonials, people are still creating content for pay, without disclosing that they have been paid to create said content.

As a consumer you have to be aware and read every review with a grain of salt. As a marketer and content producer you have have the responsibility to be forthcoming and disclose compensation. Even if it’s as innocent as being able to keep the product after the review. That is still a form of compensation, and must be disclosed.

Abiding by these rules will ultimately provide more accurate and higher quality reviews for the consumer.

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