Mechanical design and Product development process

Product development is the process through which  a mechanical product is realized from just an idea into a fully detailed entity ready for production.

This course is an attempt to cover that process at an introductory level covering all the key concepts, ideas and details from a perspective of a Mechanical design engineer.

The course is structured in a way as to build on the product development process step by step . From the way an Idea is generated, incubated, to how a concept is generated, evaluated, how specifications are created and set  towards the system design of a product , followed by a overview of  activities in Detailed design and prototyping.

Topics covered:

  1. Opportunity identification and product idea generation

  2. What are customer needs?

  3. What are specifications and when are they set ? how are they set?

  4. How are concepts generated?

  5. How to select and score concepts?

  6. Techniques for Generating ideas and concepts

  7. What is modularity? and difference between modular designs and integral designs

  8. What is product architecture  along with the example of a Vehicle architecture

  9. Importance of the Engineering drawing in Detail design

  10. Design for X and Design for manufacturing and Assembly

  11. Types of prototypes and the purpose of prototyping

What you will learn from this course?

  1. To understand the overall process of product development and develop a Holistic understanding of how products are developed

  2. To learn ways of developing ideas, opportunities for new product development

  3. To understand concepts like product architecture, modularity  and Interfaces relating to mechanical design.

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