Marketing Principles: Why Every Business Must Do Marketing

Marketing Principles is a quick starter course to give  the learners a  broad but crucial understanding of the Marketing basics or Marketing Fundamentals. I will be adding more lectures to this course as we move on.

Ideally, I’m interested in reaching  people,the lone wolf type, who are willing to make it on their own either by starting a new business, or advancing their current career in business or marketing. These people need help with marketing. It’s time they learn and understand what marketing really stands for in the practical world of business.

You will learn how fundamentals of Marketing can influence the entire business process. The course is really good for beginners but it also covers advance marketing concepts that an online or offline entrepreneur should find very useful. The course should ideally give you a framework to think through business problems from a marketing perspective.

After this course, you should be able to think business in terms of marketing better. I  would like you to develop the right aptitude for marketing.

You should be able to see how business solutions must always be created from the marketing perspective. In other words, the course on Marketing principles would teach you how you can find the best marketing opportunities to advance a business, management or marketing career.

My personal motivation is that people ,who have no money but are planning an entrepreneurial career, would find this course of Marketing basics relevant and would benefit from it. I would also like that this course helps small and medium size business improve their marketing processes.

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