Marketing Management Masterclass – 13 in 1 MBA Level Course

If you are a student of ‘Marketing Management’ subject as a part of your MBA/BBA/M.Com/B.Com or related curriculum, this course will help you understand all the concepts with relevant examples in the simplest manner. This MBA level course covers most of the marketing curriculum taught all across the world through books by leading authors like Philip KotlerKevin Keller, Gary Armstrong, Charles Lamb, Joseph Hair, Noel Capon and so on.

5 Star Reviews and Comments:

Umut Çeli̇köz – Very informative course! Had so much more than I expected purchasing the course. Awesome value for money and lecturer’s passion is very evident and INFECTIOUS. THANK YOU, THANKS :))

Emmanuel Kwabena Appiah – I took this program to help me clarify lessons in my ongoing marketing management class for my MBA program. The content, delivery and examples were so perfect. I wrote the exams with knowledge gained from the videos instead and not from the class. I still remember the delivery so vividly. Perfect content for marketing course. Thanks prof!

Ivana – Great course with simple explanation of definitions.

Mohamed Naseef KSuperb experience, I have got examination points to elaborate with examples. I am so happy to recommend to this type of classes. I faced my marketing examination only with this class, very helpful and thanks to our sweet teacher Mr. Vijay. 


In 13 sections, this course helps you learn Marketing through 119 videos.

In this course,

  • We begin with the definition of Marketing and discuss the role and importance of Marketing in a business. Then it is followed by Marketing Mix – 4Ps and 7Ps of Marketing.

  • Then questions like – ‘How do you create Customer Value’ and ‘how do you identify the needs of the customers’ are answered through concepts of Customer Value and Marketing Research.

  • We also try to understand the Consumer as well as Business Buying Behaviour.

  • How do you identify a market segment‘ and the processes involved in Targeting and Positioning are discussed in the course.

  • The concepts related to Branding, Product Strategy, Product Mix, Product Life Cycle and New Product Development have been discussed.

  • We also review the concepts of Price and Pricing Strategies with Price Adaptations and Price Changes.

  • We also learn about Marketing / Distribution Channels, Channel Levels and Channel Design Decisions.

  • Then finally we learn about Advertising and Promotions with Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling and Digital Marketing.

All the above concepts have been simplified through real world examples from leading companies of the World. 

All the concepts have been discussed with a talking head video and slides to make learning better and faster.

This course also comes with:

~ Lifetime access with all future updates 

~ Fast and Friendly support in the Q&A – Comments section

~ Udemy Certificate of Completion

~ A 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

‘Buy Now’ this course risk free and master the subject area of Marketing.

See you there…

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