Marketing Fundamentals In Practice

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The key objective of this course enable people to understand the basic marketing fundamental concept to enable their business to grow. It is important for organisation to know which objectives they are centered on, the efficient and effective use of organisation corporate resources is very important for the growth and development of the organisation, it can also be used as a mean of competitive advantage.

The extended marketing mix is the marketers key to make the success of every organisation, in fact billion dollar organisation or market leaders are applying this mix to their advantage, because you can never satisfy your customer or grow without using the marketing mix effectively and efficiently, because customer dissatisfaction comes through the marketing mix, it is important every serious organisation take care of it and use it to their advantage.

Building great relationship with the customer is an important asset to an organisation, it is through relationship that develop customer loyalty. customers taste and preferences changes it’s important that research are down consistently to know when new product or service are develop to meet customer need and expectations, following it’s progression carefully through the product life cycle to ensure profitability.

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