Marketing Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners

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*** 3 New lectures (Feb 2017) ***

*** 1. Market Estimation on evaluating markets with FREE tools from Facebook and Google***

*** 2. Online Promotion on different types of promotion online (Adwords, Facebook)***

*** 3. Customer Acquisition with a checklist to get you started***

***1500+ Students from over 100+ countries!***

***Now Added English Captions – Easy to understand for all nationalities***

Learn the fundamentals of marketing! Covering from business problems to start planning your offering and launching. Learn the marketing concepts to get you started.

The choice for beginners to grasp the main marketing concepts and specialize afterwards with confidence. 

You can have your product ready or you may be planning it.

Ideal for those who prefer simpler talk with academic validity. In this course, technical terms are used to minimum. The important technical terms are included in the resources section for easier reading and future reference.

***Don’t miss the free preview!***

Excellent Reviews so far!!!

Marketing basics include concepts like the market, segmentation, targeting, positioning and the marketing mix.

***Get ready to create your first product or as we say in marketing your first offering!***

Watch 18 video lectures and get your marketing education launched!

Enough Examples and Exercises to get you thinking about your market and your product or service.

More info at Udemy.com

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