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Marketing Fundamentals – 5 Pillars – Learn-Apply-Earn – Learn The Fundamentals Of Marketing And Build Your Online Business Especially If You Are A Complete Beginner 



  My Students Say:

  • “BEST Marketing Course on Udemy”

“This is the real deal 🙂 No fluff, just genuine, valuable information through and through. Which is very hard to come by as I feel a lot of marketers withhold information and knowledge just so they can make more money on their next ebook, course, etc. but you won’t find any of that here. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in learning more about marketing fundamentals.” –  Youngin

  • “The Best Marketing Course I’ve Ever Taken”

  • “Beginner’s marketing blueprint and action plan”

  • “Clear, well presented and engaging!”

  • “Marketing made easy!”

  • “I Highly Recommend This Course”

  • “Outstanding Experience”


  1. You will learn how to design a powerful name for your product(s). 

  2. You will learn how to create an imaginary customer. (a crucial concept) 

  3. You will learn how to price your product(s) and different pricing strategies. 

  4. You will learn how to craft your promotional message that sells. 

  5. You will learn different online  marketing channels that you can use to put your  message in front of  your prospective customer’s eyes – and much, much more. 

  Please watch the “preview” lectures, as I share 28 minutes high quality content and you will have a better understanding whether this marketing and business course is for you! 

                                                                                            My name is Vladimir Raykov. I work as a Marketing Manager, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and I do online marketing business with my own digital products (eBook and eCourses). I became interested in online marketing several years ago and from then on, I have never stopped learning. 

                                                                 The reason I’ve created “Marketing Fundamentals – 5 Pillars – Learn-Apply-Earn!” is because I’d like to provide you with a solid foundation (the missing ingredient) on which you can build your online business. 

  In this very moment, people are making millions online. All those people have something in common – KNOWLEDGE! They have invested time to educate themselves. They understand the importance of acquiring new skills and honing existing ones. 

  There are many courses right now, promising that you would make huge number: 6 or 7 figure incomes. SECRET software and tactics or tricks… well, you will get nothing of that fluff here in my course. 

            Mind you, this course is NOT about getting rich quickly – if you are looking for this, you won’t find it here and I advise you NOT to enroll in my course. 

  In this Marketing course, I’m sharing my experience and knowledge with you that I’ve been gathering more than 6 years now. You will learn about the most important pillars of marketing, and namely: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and Customer. 

  This course it is not just plain theory! You are not going to be a passive student. Yes, I teach you the theory because you need it (after all this is a course about marketing fundamentals), but then I integrate the theory with practise, so you start gaining experience right from the beginning of your marketing career.  

  NOT ONLY WILL YOU LEARN, you will be required to practise what you’ve learned – see all the “Take Action” PDFs after each chapter. You will have to download these files and write directly on them. 

Remember, you have nothing to risk! The investment you make now will pay you back many times in the future. I’ve spent a lot of time working on this course. I provide you with a high quality audio and full HD videos. I believe in my course and I am sure you will love it. If, however, for some reason you are dissatisfied or the course is not what you’ve expected – no worries, you have 30 days money back guarantee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

So, in short here is my proposal: 

  • My course is going to teach you the fundamentals of marketing – product, price, place, promotion, and customer. 

  • Once, you have these in place, you are ready to start building your online business. You will become a member of our marketing community – we share knowledge and experience. 

  • All of the information you will be presented is high quality HD videos with perfect sound. You have access to great bonuses that will become more and more with the time. 

If this sounds appealing to you, click the “Buy Now” button right now. 

-Vladimir Raykov
Stay Purposeful

More info at Udemy.com

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