Marketing Communication | Integrated Marketing Communication

This course will cover a very important “P” of marketing and that is “Promotion”. Many interesting topics are covered in this course, started from understanding what communication is followed by the components of communication. Then, the main topic of the course which is “Integrated Marketing Communication” is explained in much detail covering topics like promotion mix and all the ingredients (tools) of the promotion mix. These include:

  1. Advertising

  2. Sales Promotion

  3. Public Relation/ Publicity

  4. Direct and Digital Marketing

  5. Personal Selling

These topics are so important not only for the students of marketing but also for business and companies to understand. Some other important topics within the above promotion mix are also discussed in the course, which will be of benefit to you.

I am sure that enrolling in this course will be a fruitful learning experience.

Enjoy and see you in the course.


Dr. Jan

More info at Udemy.com

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