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This course is the ultimate overview of marketing analytics. In it, I will teach you how to analyze data to make better marketing decisions.

Courses on marketing analytics tend to be very focused on one specific area of marketing such as Google traffic. The intent of this course is it to give you a more comprehensive, MBA-level view of marketing analytics for real-world application.

The lead instructor for this course has an MBA in marketing from the Kellogg School of Management, which is widely regarded as the top marketing school in the U.S. There, he studied marketing analytics, and he was also certified by Google in analytics. Your instructor also worked with some of the leading analytics leaders at top companies including Sony and a Google-backed startup.

We’ll talk about marketing analytics that help you make strategic decisions such as…

  • Who your target customers should be (based on data)

  • How to segment your audiences (quantitatively)

  • How to quantify your value proposition and determine your positioning using analytics

    I’ll also teach you tactical analytics such as A/B testing and measuring awareness and purchase intent. We’ll discuss some other key KPIs including ARPU and customer lifetime value.   

  • I’ll show you some very simple calculations and also some advanced statistical methods.   

  • I’ll talk about digital marketing analytics and traditional media.   

This is NOT a software training course, although along the way I will teach you a few tricks in Excel and discuss other programs such as Optimizely, SPSS, Stata, and others. The focus here is on marketing metrics and decision-making.    

This course is suitable for B2B and B2C; large companies and small companies; products and services.   

Let’s begin! 

Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing Analytics
Analytics Marketing
Data Driven Marketing
Marketing Data
Customer Analytics
Market Analytics
Quantitative Marketing

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