Make REAL Income Creating Small Products

This is a basic primer on how to select products to make, market, and ship so that you are being well rewarded for your time and effort!  This is ONLY for creative people that like the creation process.  I reveal what platforms are easiest to work with.  Spoiler- all the major selling platforms will do!  I explain shipping and product design ideas that maximize profits.  And, what mindset to use when setting out to make a small crafting business.  At the end of the course I give a free product idea that, if you can solve the engineering riddles involved, is yours for the taking.

I’ve been a seller on Ebay for 20 years, owned novelty and antique shops.  I’ve forged knives, designed and made clothing, nutritional supplements, customized cars, and built unique shelters.  I love having an idea and seeing it to fruition.  But, I’ve never been great at the marketing/selling side of things.  Over time I’ve come up with some basic parameters that help me to focus and get my ideas to market in a way that pays me back!  These are simple ideas, but they work!  I hope you enjoy this course and get some real benefit out of it!  Here’s to the creativity in all of us!

More info at Udemy.com

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