Learn Marketo Foundation From Sukesh

Welcome to this course, the only course you need to learn to create your strong foundation for Marketo.

We have the resources over the internet to learn the basics of Marketo, but I am trying to explain when you are marketing a product and while doing the product marketing, how you can utilize Marketo at its best.

Why you should join this course?

I am into marketing automation since 2016, and I know the pain the person going through when someone new to Marketo. Marketo has its own technical and marketing terms, the platform is totally different so as to work in it. Videos and docs are there, but it still confuses us and taking a lot of time and energy to bridge the connections between the things.

I have designed this course in such a way that will not just help you understand the ecosystem of Marketo but also modern marketing concepts that drives the marketing to the next level. Because the ultimate goal of any automation platform is to facilitate modern marketing practices. So welcome you again to initiate of Marketo journey with me.

What will you learn?

Within the next 2.5 hours in this course, you will be going to learn:

1) Types of program

2) Tokens

3) Smart Campaigns

4) Design Studio

5) Lead scoring basics

6) Lead life cycle basics

7) How to decide streams in an engagement program

8) What should be the content for your emails at each lifecycle stages

9) A bit of Marketo admin

More info at Udemy.com

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